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Anti Madonna Avatars

To use: right click with your mouse and choose "copy image location" from the pop up menu.

Next, on the Anti Madonna Board, go to your "My Controls" panel, then go to Personal Profile > Edit Avatar Settings.

Once there, paste the copied URL into the field reading "Enter a URL to an online avatar image," and click on the "Update Avatar" button at the bottom of the page.

Crone - Orange
Crone - Green
Crone - Red
Bat - Orange
Bat - Moon
Always Fashionable
Trailer Trash Fashionista
White Trash Chic
Ugly Photo - ball cap
Ugly and Oily - Blue
Ugly and Oily - Green
Jowls - Green
Jowls - Purple
Jowls - Orange
Sacrilegious Swine - Christianity
Bag Lady
Grouch Glasses - Blue
Grouch Glasses - Green
Eew - Black Hair
Bad Photo 1
Bad Photo 2
Bad Photo 3
Bad Photo 4
Bad Photo 5
Idiot - Monkey
Idiot - Mouse Ears
Idiot - Bug Eyed
Hygiene What's That?
Grease Ball
Shampoo Challenged
Cooties Love Madonna
He Lives on Madonna Rent Free
Cootie Girl
Cootie Infested
Dork - Blue
Dork i riffic
Doofus - Purple
Doofus - Blue
No More Acting
No More Rapping
Tacky - Blue
I Love Horses - Yellow
I Love Horses - Black and White
Madonna is Not A Feminist
Bloated Cow - Yellow
Bloated Cow - Green
Ugly Screen Cap - Blue
Ugly Screen Cap - Magenta
Ugly creen Cap - Yellow
Nerd in Glasses
Wall Eye - Yellow
Wall Eye - Blue
Wall Eye - Pink
Madonna Loves Kids
We Love Kids
Who's That Pervert
So Elegant - towel
So Classy - Purple
So Classy - Red
Hag - Purple
Hag - Pink
Own Singing
Own Acting
Ex Lax
Ugly - Blue
See The Clown
Over Priced Tours
Greed / Fans Are Gullible
I Hate Madonna - White
I Hate Madonna - Laugh - Yellow
I Hate Madonna - Laugh - Green
I Hate Madonna - Laugh - Blue
I Hate Madonna - Eyebrows - Pink
I Hate Madonna - Eyebrows - Lavendar
80s Skanky Ho - Orange
80s Skanky Ho - Blue
Madonna is Crotch Obsessed - Face
Crotch in Face
STD Poster Girl
Tramp -Blonde Ambition - Orange
Trampe - Blonde Ambition - Green
Sunglasses - Purple
Sunglasses - Blue
Sunglasses - Cellulite Face
Sunglasses - My Eyes
So Elegant - 2005 - Orange
So Elegant - 2005 - Green
So Elegant - 2005 - Blue
Lame - Green Beret
Lame - Dancing - Blue
Free David - Purple
Free David, Blue
Gilligan 1
So Lovely - red
So Lovely - white
Anti Madonna Avatars By Others
Bio Hazard
Like A Skank
Anti Madonna Cartoon / Art Avatars
Granny - Red