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indicate graphics sent in by discussion board members, or graphics based on their ideas

Avatars Static 60 x 60 pixel

Reinvention Tour
Reinvention whore
Queen of boring tours
 Washed Up
 Old Hag - Tour
Madonna Sucks
American Life Cover
Distorted pic
Black and white textx
No makeup, stupid look
Madonna is a Slut
Wearing glasses
Like A Virgin CD Cover
Madonna is an Idiot
Cross eyed
Madonna is an Old Hag
Swept Away Old Hag
Madonna is an Old Man / Mannish
MAN Donna
Old Man
Grandpa Madonna
I Hate Madonna
Like A Virgin CD Cover
Green sweater
Madonna Looking Old, Ugly, Stupid
from BMW commercial
No makeup / orange
No makeup / green
No makeup / yellow
No makeup
Madonna Is Untalented
Assorted Insults
C*nt in the Hat